Cows And Global Warming?

Blog / September 24, 2016 /

Studies have indicated that cows being mass reproduced all over the world has inflicted harm upon the environment. The reasons the studies give are: They have an out sized ecological footprint, they consume plants, grains and growing fruits and vegetables that should be fed to starving people in 3rd world countries, they destroy new plants and trample soils, and recent studies are saying that because of what the population of cows has grown into, they are as a whole producing more methane than cars. So basically they told us cows are speeding up the process of global warming.

If you are raising cows, what really needs to be considered is:

What your cows are eating.

As a long-term environmental student and observer I looked hard into this, and some facts appear to be true. However my real issue with this subject is that IT AIN’T THE GOD DAMN COWS FAULT! It’s our fault for the way we raise them. Studies of methane have soared with recent discoveries of the effects it has on the environment, and Australian scientists have concluded that with proper nutritional care the methane emissions from cows can be more than cut in half. The overall conclusion is if raising cows was done properly, we would not be harming the environment at all. We would be using a small fraction of resources to produce mass amounts of beef. With the correct methods this is productive to solving world hunger, not hurting it. Unfortunately it’s not being treated properly though, and most cows around the world are being raised eating grass, which does produce too much methane.

Cows are also said to be large consumers of water. Environmental studies indicate that 2,500 gallons of water are mandatory for a pound of beef. But this is based on the methods that are currently being used improperly, once again. Research shows that producing a pound of beef should only actually require 441 gallons of water, which is only a little more than what a pound of rice requires, and beef contains many more nutrients.

The point I’m trying to make is basically yes, global warming is a thing and we have to do our best to contain it, however all these debates and studies conflict so much because we don’t work together, we focus on one belief and fixate on it. We need to start taking multiple studies into consideration and come up with conclusions based on everything.

That’s my little rant for today, don’t feel bad about eating beef. Though I’m a vegetarian and do not coincide with it, I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. The farmers and big corporations raising beef are the ones that need to change their methods.

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