Home Energy Labelling

Blog / September 19, 2016 /

The value of a house is determined by a number of things; mainly quality, size, and location. As I talked about in one of my first articles called: I want to save you money that some of you don’t know you’re spending!, A lot of money, in fact thousands of dollars a year are spent on energy consumption that is used unnecessarily. Some households are also just energy suckers, some a lot more than others, and this is why I believe energy consumption should play a role in a houses value. 

What we are seeing in some parts of the world is a new law being passed around in the real-estate world called ‘home energy labelling‘. The rules vary depending on city or country, but when buying or selling a home, you must incorporate the costs of energy use in the home, this includes providing:

  • Previous utility bill costs 
  • Number of previous tenants
  • A brief description of previous tenants usage

The details are dependent on the cities by-laws, however this standard law being put in place is going to bring fairness within the real estate market. You can still go ahead and do things like purchase LED light bulbs to decrease your bill, and make the value of your home go up, but it’s looking like in due time the over all value of the house you’re buying or selling will be impacted by energy costs within the house, sounds fair right? Whether you’re buying a home or selling it, I believe this is going to make it equal. Home energy labelling lets the buyer know what kind of energy bills to expect, and whether or not their purchase is going to cost more or less money in energy consumption over time. Home energy labelling is very productive towards saving energy and leads me to believe the world is heading in the right direction in that regard, we could always do better, but improvement is a sign that we’re on the same page.

See, when someone comes along with valuable education on a matter like saving energy, where there is no possible objections to why it could be wrong, a positive cause-and-effect brews among society. You can’t argue with the fact that monitoring your use of resources is going to help the economy in a small way. If you leave lights on in your house frequently, and start making a conscious effort to turn off your lights to save energy, not only are you saving money by doing this but the electricity you’re no longer wasting, will be used elsewhere. energy-savingfluorescent-light-bulb

While home energy labelling is only in affect in a few countries, I believe this law is going to grow, and become a global standard. I hope it does at least, I don’t see a reason for it not to. Home energy labelling is said to be bringing similar value to home buyers as nutritional information labelling on food products brings to those monitoring what they eat. Not only is the subject giving home buyers a more accurate description of what they’re paying for, but it’s also providing information on whether their purchase in buying is helping or harming the environment. I read that home energy labelling is being looked at as positively as ‘gluten free’ has been and will continue to have a positive impact on the world.

I personally believe home energy labelling will have a lot more value than gluten free products, as I think that 90% of the ‘gluten free’ trend is a money grab, however I’m not here to rant about my opinions of that matter. Not saying that excluding gluten from your diet will have any kind of negative affect, I just don’t believe cutting it out is necessary for everyone. I’ll talk about the gluten free subject some other day.

I will post links and update more about this subject as time goes on, but I wanted to introduce my followers to this new, remarkable idea.

That’s all for today guys, hope you all are having a fantastic life, Reach out to me if you’re not, I’ll send you some pictures of kittens and other things that will make you smile.

Have a good one everybody!