About Me

My name is Cynthia Carter, 21 years old, I live with 2 friends and a Corgi. I’ve spent the majority of my life working from a young age. Recently I have gone out to explore my interests, and had many realizations, some of them are:

  1. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium
  2. I can do any god damn thing I bloody well please on this earth
  3. Making people happy makes me happy. 

That is from the depths of my brain. I’m a very emotional person however I don’t overthink… Nahh that’s a lie I totally do, I just live by those 3 things and a couple other important ones I left out. Anyways, I’m going to school this year. I’m going to school for business, I currently plan to take on an entrepreneurial journey and open an energy efficient product store. Providing people with what I believe in, and what they deserve.

Sidenote: I never plan on selling anything on this blog, it is strictly for information purposes, and a little bit of me talking.

No but seriously, I like to help people, that’s what I’m all about. So if you like the posts I make and want some free tips and tricks you can easily accomplish today and save yourself thousands of dollars over the years in hydro/utility bills, Reach out to me here.

Anyways, since this page is suppose to be about me, my favourite foods are: Chicken Alfredo, bacon avocado breakfast sandwiches, and smoothies. I like everything really besides olives, they are kind of questionable. My favourite books growing up were the Harry Potter series. My hobbies are a wide-range but mostly consist of adventures, video games, travelling, basketball, and the newest one: Blogging, as well as surfing the web and learning.

That’s all for now folks, I feel like I could keep writing forever. I must keep my visits short but frequent, as I got lots on the go.

Bye guys!