Car Idling

Blog / October 6, 2016 /


How is everybody on this fine Thursday? I’m doing really well. I did get my first speeding ticket today though 🙁 I was literally going 48 in a 40 zone… If you learned about me; you know I’m pretty emotional. I don’t want to complain but man, can’t cut me just a little bit of slack? That’s my little piece of ranting on the internet for today, and now to what I want to talk about:

carWhen I traveled to Fort McMurray, Alberta; car/truck idling was found to be a very frequent occurrence. People wouldn’t want to turn off their big trucks when they go into a store, or even a restaurant. The reason they would idle their vehicle I found was mainly because it was freezing cold, and when they shut it off their vehicle would have to warm up again. Now I understand this a little more in a city like Fort McMurray, and I think it’s fine when it’s -30 degrees Celsius to leave your vehicle idling for a couple minutes. However if you live in Phoenix Arizona, and are waiting to pick up your kids from school, you have absolutely no reason to keep your vehicle running. I saw this all the time growing up and it really gets under my skin.

I am proud to say that when I was in high school I did manage to minimize the amount of idlers around the vicinity by quite a substantial amount. I was always concerned about the harmful fumes being consumed by our underdeveloped brains, and it was clear while more and more parents were doing this, that the air-quality was going down substantially. I was not alone in my venture; which resulted in strict rules against idling your vehicle anywhere on public school grounds.

Parents kind of huffed and puffed at this rule, however quickly realized how much sense it made. They were shocked at the statistic of how much pollution was reduced over the first week; as well as pleased with the fuel they were saving just by simply shutting off their vehicles. This was kind of a no-brainer to me, but I guess it was just a habit among these individuals; it’s all better now so I’m happy!


Greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption have a major impact on the environment. If you haven’t learned about greenhouse gases, I suggest informing yourself a little so you realize what a difference we make in global warming. I’m here trying to raise awareness to what we are doing, and what we can control, so if you have a desire to make a difference to our environment and your bank account; I suggest reading into greenhouse gas emissions and petroleum consumption, as well utilizing some of my tips.

Today I am pleased to see people taking steps towards reducing global warming, as awareness continues to grow I see more education in school regarding the matter, more articles are being produced and more people taking action benefiting the environment.

Keep it up folks!