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Energy Saving Is The Best Route We can Take

Blog / November 6, 2016

I know I¬†haven’t gotten around to everything, as well as I’m not the all-knowing god of saving energy, though I’ve spent most of my life studying this field. I mean, I have endless energy saving tips I can provide for you guys and will, but I feel like it wouldn’t hurt to get some second opinions in here. If you have anything you would like to share then feel free to reach out to me, send them over and I will likely publish them. Or leave a comment, that always works too.

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Some More Awesome Facts You May Not Know

Blog / October 22, 2016

Hey! I want to come up with the most unique facts and advice possible for you guys. Things that you probably haven’t heard of. Some of you expert energy savers out there may already know some of this stuff, but hopefully I can provide every one of you at least a little bit of value. I hope to educate those that don’t really pay much attention to this stuff, in such a way you can apply my information to your life without dedicating too much of your time to it. Is this a useful guide for you guys?¬† Please let me know what you think of my tips. Visit my …..

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Grow Your Own Food

Blog / October 14, 2016

My blog isn’t just about saving energy, it’s about being conservative. I want to save you money that you don’t know you’re spending. Have you ever felt the desire to grow your own vegetables? When I lived at home in Victoria B.C, my parents allowed me to manage my own garden and I loved it. The garden bed itself contained zucchini, potatoes, walla-walla onions, squash and Cabbage. We had separate tomato plants, strawberries and some other things as well, along with 3 fruit trees. I have always kept myself pretty busy so there was no way I could maintain all of the vegetation’s health, luckily my parents were awesome people …..

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Car Idling

Blog / October 6, 2016

Hey! How is everybody on this fine Thursday? I’m doing really well. I did get my first speeding ticket today though ūüôĀ I was literally going 48 in a 40 zone… If you learned about me; you know I’m pretty emotional. I don’t want to complain but man, can’t cut me just a little bit of slack? That’s my little piece of ranting on the internet for today, and now to what I want to talk about:

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Winter Is On It’s Way!

Blog / October 2, 2016

As we wrap up the month of September, we’re headed towards the cold season. Depending on where you are in the world you may not have to worry about this, and if you live south of the equator then it’s the opposite, but I feel like most of the people that are going to read this are headed towards bundle-up time. Up high in Canada they start building igloos and riding dog sleds to school! (just kidding, that’s a stereotype that’s a bit inaccurate, I find it a little amusing.) So what are you guys doing to stay warm? Adding to your heating bill? Are you using space heaters?

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Cows And Global Warming?

Blog / September 24, 2016

Studies have indicated that cows being mass reproduced all over the world has inflicted harm upon the environment. The reasons the studies give are: They have an out sized ecological footprint, they consume plants, grains and growing fruits and vegetables that should be fed to starving people in 3rd world countries, they destroy new plants and trample soils, and recent studies are saying that because of what the population of cows has grown into, they are as a whole producing more methane than cars. So basically they told us cows are speeding up the process of global warming.

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Home Energy Labelling

Blog / September 19, 2016

The value of a house is determined by a number of things; mainly quality, size, and location. As I talked about in one of my first articles called: I want to save you money that some of you don’t know you’re spending!, A lot of money, in fact thousands of dollars a year are spent on energy consumption that is used unnecessarily. Some households are also just energy suckers, some a lot more than others, and this is why I believe energy consumption should play a role in a houses value.¬†

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With Unity Comes Productivity

Blog / September 13, 2016

Okay, so my last post I talked about hybrid cars and why they’re so awesome, today I would like to share with you some¬†positive attributes to the world as a whole, and the affect you can have by doing little, or big things.

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Hybrid Cars

Blog / September 7, 2016

My faith in humanity has been restored   Hybrid electric vehicles;¬†electric powered engines, were designed in the early 1990’s, and have been growing for over 20 years. Electric motors and gasoline engines are combined to create fuel efficiency and eco-friendly solutions. I can’t quite afford one just yet but I will be able to soon! There are many¬†benefits of a hybrid vehicle: Eco-friendly¬†– Hybrid vehicles reduce the amount of fuel consumption, they use a gasoline engine and electric powered motor which cuts fuel consumption down and is more energy efficient. As the hybrid vehicle becomes more wide-spread it increases productivity towards becoming environmentally friendly. Financially beneficial¬†– (Overtime,) a hybrid vehicle …..

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Electric Utility Companies Are Rich

Blog / September 2, 2016

Hey guys, what’s up?   Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been out and about working in retirement homes and learning guitar, trying to get 8 hours of sleep lately as well, because I’ve realized how substantial it is for me to get a proper sleep. You know how to contact me if you really miss me that much.

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