Electric Utility Companies Are Rich

Blog / September 2, 2016 /

Hey guys, what’s up?


Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been out and about working in retirement homes and learning guitar, trying to get 8 hours of sleep lately as well, because I’ve realized how substantial it is for me to get a proper sleep. You know how to contact me if you really miss me that much.

I had a thought that I decided I want to share with the world: Do you know how movie theatres make their profits? They pretty much make ends meet through movie tickets, with all their expenses. Sure they charged 200 people 8 dollars to watch the movie, but they have a HUGE hydro bill, and they have to pay their employees. Movie theatres make their money from all the ridiculously priced popcorn, candy, chocolate, soda, all the extra things that really aren’t necessary but you buy anyway right? It’s kind of interesting that to go to a movie it costs about a whole 8 dollars, yet 90% of the time you seem to spend more than.

Same principle applies with Utility bills. Electric utility companies make their money by jacking their prices up in areas they know people will disregard at their convenience. For instance you don’t NEED to heat your whole house all the time. I understand that you want to wake up and feel all warm and fuzzy in every room but really you could just keep a jacket beside your bed and save $1200 a year. It may not seem like a lot to pay for one month, but when you look at the grand total over a year, your perspective may change. I know lot’s of people have the money to blow on these kinds of things, but if you want to be conservative, know that you are most likely spending money in obvious places you just don’t realize. If this is something that has been sitting in the back of your mind, start by doing some research! Most households spend an average of $2500 a year on hydro and utilities, and that bill can be cut in half by some very insignificant practices.

Here’s a video I liked, it’s long but it contains a few of the points I’m trying to get across to you guys on this blog: