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Blog / September 7, 2016 /

My faith in humanity has been restored


  1. Hybrid electric vehicles; electric powered engines, were designed in the early 1990’s, and have been growing for over 20 years. Electric motors and gasoline engines are combined to create fuel efficiency and eco-friendly solutions. I can’t quite afford one just yet but I will be able to soon! There are many benefits of a hybrid vehicle:
  2. Eco-friendly – Hybrid vehicles reduce the amount of fuel consumption, they use a gasoline engine and electric powered motor which cuts fuel consumption down and is more energy efficient. As the hybrid vehicle becomes more wide-spread it increases productivity towards becoming environmentally friendly.
  3. Financially beneficial – (Overtime,) a hybrid vehicle pays for itself from the fuel and resources it uses. Hybrid cars are a larger initial investment, however over time they are more economical and will save you money. They also save you money on your tax bill.
  4. Battery recharging braking system – Each time you apply the brakes in a hybrid vehicle you add charge to your battery, capturing energy that would be released. This can save you time you would spend recharging your battery, not to mention, it’s brilliant!
  5. Automatic start/stop mechanism – Hybrid vehicles automatically start when applying fuel, and automatically stop when you come to a complete stop, this overall saves energy from idling.
  6. High re-sale value – You can compare it to buying a house in a sense whereas you can invest in a hybrid vehicle now, and as time goes on more and more people are turning to hybrid vehicles which is resulting in a higher re-sale value. So you can basically buy the car, drive it for 5 years to see if you like it, then if you’re not satisfied you can turn around and sell it for more!
  7. More power – If you want to design your hybrid more towards having more power, you can do that too. There are multiple designs to hybrid vehicles, depending on preference.

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While hybrid vehicles are often 5-10 thousand dollars more initially, as well as higher maintenance cost, the market is growing rapidly and I don’t believe it will be that way forever. If you read my about me page you know I’m all about saving money and being resourceful. If you can afford it, buy a hybrid, they are much more environmentally friendly and WILL save you money over time. I hope to see gasoline powered motors get weened out over time and fully replaced by hybrid vehicles.

An automatic start/stop system… It is amazing what this world has come to. I do believe we are destroying the planet in a sense, but I also believe we are getting more and more advanced as time goes on and able to counter our destructive ways with things like hybrid vehicles. I quite enjoy watching technology unfold as time goes on, man are there ever some brilliant people out there. I often think about what could be accomplished if the 7 billion + humans on this planet were working together, using all our ideas and creations to be productive, like towards something like science.

A little side note, I also predict that humans are going to evolve into computers. I think eventually we will use up the resources that we have access to and become reliant on a virtual foundation, which could be in 100 years, or it could be 1,000 years from now. My deep thoughts for the day. You’ll notice throughout my posts I will write little rants, Click here to view my other articles.

That’s all for today folks! See you guys soon.

Have a good day everybody!