I want to save you money that some of you don’t know you’re spending!

Blog / August 26, 2016 /


today I am going to start feeding the good people of the web information on saving money on your energy bills & techniques to create comfort in your home economically. It’s all about spending a little bit to save a lot, or spending LOTS to save even more. I will start with 5 easy/straightforward tips to start your saving process today. If you’re looking to purchase any energy-saving products, contact me for assistance.

1. Fill up your dishwasher full and USE IT!

Researchers say your dishwasher will get the job done more efficiently using less water than hand washing. Hand washing uses 5 times more water and about twice as much energy. Run your dishwashers cycle full, turn off the “heated drying” option and turn the cycle on “light” and you can save $100 a year or more in utilities just by this simple practice. As some dishes are best hand washed, this simple practice will save you money in the long run.

2. Apply proper Insulation and caulk your windows

Insulation is very important. Properly insulated houses can reduce your heating or cooling bill by up to 40%, and will also keep you at a comfortable temperature. In addition insulation will reduce condensation in your home preventing mould and other growth.

Caulking your windows is the process of air-sealing little cracks and gaps in your windows that are created by wear-and-tear. You must first locate the cracks and gaps, identify the correct materials needed and caulk away! Learn more here about how to caulk your windows properly

3. Unplug electronics in your home when they aren’t being used

This is one we don’t normally think about, however unplugging things like your computer, toaster, microwave, turning off your smart-phone, etc will save you a ton in energy bills over time, and also has health benefits. Depending on how many electronics you have going in your house of course, you can save hundreds of dollars per year by doing this.

4. Do all multiple loads of laundry at once

Take advantage of the dryers heat by drying all of your clothes at once. Over time this will save you lot’s of money. Also, clean your lint filter every time you do a load, you must do this because A. It is a safety hazard, and B. A clogged lint filter can increase energy consumption by up to 30%.

5. Use lower-wattage light bulbs

Reducing the wattage of the light bulbs in your house will immediately reduce your bill. LED (Light Emitting Diode) light bulbs are very eco-friendly and can reduce your energy use by 25%! I suggest these for many reasons:

  • Durable and long lasting – LED light bulbs will last up to 10 times longer than a regular compact florescent bulb.
  • Efficiency – LED’s utilize between 2-15 watts of energy whereas your typical incandescent or compact fluorescent bulbs will generally use 10-15 times that.
  • Cooler temperature – LED light bulbs generate 3.4 btu’s (British Thermal Unit) per hour whereas a fluorescent light bulb generates around 85 btu’s. LED’s will keep your house cool and save your air-conditioning bill from going up.
  • No Mercury – LED light bulbs are mercury free!


Doing these 5 simple things might not seem like a lot in the short term, however if you are consistent with these practices, you will save thousands of dollars over time. I will continue to post energy-saving techniques over time.

Have a good day everybody!