Some More Awesome Facts You May Not Know

Blog / October 22, 2016 /

low-watt-light-bulbHey! I want to come up with the most unique facts and advice possible for you guys. Things that you probably haven’t heard of. Some of you expert energy savers out there may already know some of this stuff, but hopefully I can provide every one of you at least a little bit of value. I hope to educate those that don’t really pay much attention to this stuff, in such a way you can apply my information to your life without dedicating too much of your time to it.

Is this a useful guide for you guys? 

Please let me know what you think of my tips. Visit my contact page to send me an e-mail, and feel free to send me anything you’d like to see published, obviously it has to be relevant. Funny thing is some of these are easy to put together, but often we just don’t think about them!


Some Useful Tips

  • Placing something that radiates heat such as: a lamp, a TV, or a laptop near the thermostat for your air conditioning system will cause it to sense the heat, and run longer than necessary. separating them will save you lots of energy over time.

side note: Most of these tips I give you are very minor in the short term, but over the course of a year there is a dramatic difference between applying the advice and not.

  • Cooking in the oven is often more appealing than using the microwave, however if your using air conditioning the oven will counter the cooling process, again working it harder than necessary. Keep that in mind on a hot day.
  • This one may be obvious, but even I don’t think to do it – turn off your computer. Leaving your computer on for a whole day usually costs around 50 cents a day. If you multiply that by 365, that is $182.50 a year! Sure it’s not a ton of money, but wouldn’t you rather keep it?
  • Make sure your refrigerator is balanced properly. I see this quite often actually: A fridge slightly slanted will make it work harder than it needs to, it can allow the door to be slightly open, thus using more power.
  • Using certain low wattage light bulbs that produce the same amount of lumens as higher wattage bulbs, for instance: Fluorescent’s (as I talked about here.)


Just a few more tips I wanted to feed to you guys, I hope your all enjoying what I post, and hopefully your using my knowledge to save yourselves some money! Applying everything I’ve posted thus far could save you thousands and thousands of dollars, mind boggling really.


I’ll see you all soon! Here’s a little video you guys can enjoy: